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Why Have Stella’s Canine Massage & Reiki Do Your Massage & Reiki Therapy on Your Beloved Canine…?

We are a full-service canine massage & reiki company that specializes in everything from small dog breeds to large dog breeds as well as handling your beloved pets reiki needs. Our professional team will be there with you every step of the way, from our initial visit to the completion of your pet’s therapy. Our expertise and quality of work separates us from the competition and has allowed us to be a leader in the canine massage & reiki industry.

So whether it is a senior canine that needs us or a specific trigger point massage for your canine companion, give us a call and schedule an inspection. We offer both residential sessions and special events as well, so call today!

Preventative Care

Many of the same techniques used to rehabilitate a dog after surgery are great for actually preventing surgery. Let’s say, for example, that you own a breed of dog such as a Retriever who has a propensity for hip dysplasia.

By starting your dog early on with canine rehabilitation exercises such as sit-to-stands and sideways walking, and employing reiki-therapy on a regular basis and/or having regular sessions of canine massage to maintain flexibility and it’s possible to not only keep your dog with hip dysplasia pain-free but functioning at full capacity without surgery.

We Can Do It

And what if your dog is overweight? Just 5 to 10 extra pounds puts added strain on your dog’s joints and muscles. Which can lead to injury as well as potential pain for your dog.  At Stella’s Canine Massage and Reiki Services, we want to prevent this from happening. We know how hard it is to resist your dog’s “I’m dying of starvation” face, so our therapists will work with you to come up with an eating and exercise plan that works for both of you. Which means your beloved canine companion slims down without making you feel guilty.

At Stella’s Canine Massage and Reiki based in Central Florida in Metro Orlando Area, we are convinced that a dog’s mental and physical well-being are strongly connected. Our primary objective is to design a therapy program that suits your dog and ensures that you and your dog can spend many fun-filled and healthy years together. As you know, humans and dogs develop much deeper and more meaningful relationships in life and a pain-free life helps of forge a mutually satisfying and joyful relationship. Schedule your first therapy appointment today.