Our Canine & Reiki Services

Don’t Know How To Start Making Your Furry Friend Have Less Pain In Their Life?

Our Canine Massage & Reiki Services Can Help You With That…
We are a full-service canine massage and reiki company that is certified in canine therapy techniques and trigger point massage techniques. We do small breeds, large breeds, sporting dogs, and senior dogs as well. With over thousands of completed canine massage sessions under our belt, we have likely completed a canine therapy session just like your beloved pet many times before.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are trigger points?

A trigger point is a sore area in a muscle it can be a small nodule or taut band.
It may be painful in the area of the trigger point and trigger points can refer pain to other areas of the body. This may result in the muscle not performing properly.
Trigger points can lead to lack of flexibility and horsepower your dog needs especially in agility competitions.
Even if your dog does not compete in agility trials a trigger point can still be causing pain and in need of relief.
Trigger points can be addressed utilizing massage techniques.

Is massage the same as petting my dog?

No, massage is definitely not the same as petting. While petting might bring you and your dog comfort it is not addressing tension. Massage is utilizing various techniques to find tight muscles and relieve tension in these muscles. Finding tension can relieve pain, restore flexibility/horsepower, and can support emotional wellness. It takes time, mentors, and working with many dogs to begin learning what one is feeling with their hands and the appropriate ways to address these areas.

Do you make home visits?

I can travel to your home or place of work. I also provide massage services at agility trials and seminars. If you are traveling I can meet you anywhere that is convenient for you and your dog. I will massage your dog wherever they are most comfortable.

What would the first session consist of?

The first session I like to spend at least an hour with you and your dog. This gives your precious dog time to get to know me while we fill out paperwork together. The paperwork consists of your dog’s history, discussion regarding your goals, and time to discuss any questions you may have. The massage will be 30 minutes or more depending on the age and needs of the dog.

As the Pet parent do I need to be there for the massage?

The first massage I would like the pet parent there the entire time. Some dogs are more comfortable being massaged if the pet parent is present and sitting with them. Some dogs need their pet parent to be in the other room in order to become calm, but we will not know this until we begin. I also like to provide pet parent with information regarding any tension I have found or any other concerns.

If you have other questions that were not on the sheet. Please feel free to call, email or text. I would be happy to address any questions or concerns you have as a pet parent.